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 I Love Photography: It's not about the photography (although most of you know how much I do!) but about LOVE! We spend our time photographing people we love! Like crazy kins LOVE!! Our kids, spouses, friends, parents, pets, grandparents and ourselves. It's all about love and that is why I chose this name. Thank you all for your support and help in growing this business I'm so incredibly passionate about. I'm endlessly grateful.  -  Elaine


About Elaine

Me As A Girl:

First (in every way), I’m a mom. I have three beautiful children that amuse, make me belly laugh, teach, drive me crazy but mostly have let me know a love that has no limits. I have a wonderful family and friends and am blessed in every way imaginable......except I’m clumsy, can’t cook, can’t change a tire, or spell. I love construction and have a degree in Construction Management. I have a strong interest in running, camping, mainstream sports, and mostly photography....

Me As A Photographer:

My home has always been filled from top to bottom of photographs of all different kinds. I love the different memories & feelings I get when I look at them. It has always been a huge hobby of mine. While in college I took photography classes and was voted amongst my peers and professor the number #1 photographer (can I brag about that?). It was the first real wakeup that maybe other people might enjoy my photos as well so I started to take pictures for other families.

This is what I’ve learned along the way.....1. I love outdoor photography. Every time I get to try a new location I have a nervous, excited feeling in my stomach. Studios are great too but man, nothing beats that sun & earth. 2. When I see a picture that I took as someone’s profile, or hanging on their wall or in their greeting cards I am absolutely THRILLED! 3. I absolutely L-O-V-E your people! I love your soft newborns and squealing toddlers. I love your grumpy husbands and inappropriate dads. I love your curious pets, shy seniors, and kind moms. But mostly, I’m so incredibly honored when you pick me to capture these people and moments in time to put into tangible memories.