There are so many questions that come to mind when you're planning your session. We are here to help!

Where to Go:

This is something that is always good to consider. Think about the feel, style, colors and look you would like your photos to have. Our studio is Hopkins, and we love shooting on location as well. Know of an amazing place? Please let us know, we love trying out new locations! Please keep in mind that any location further than 10 miles from Hopkins is subject to a travel fee.

What to Wear:

The best style advice is to layer, add texture, and use the rule of 3. Choose 3 colors, two neutrals (like black, white, tan, gray, etc.) and one color. Wear outfits that coordinate but don't match. Avoid logos and large print on clothing unless it is part of your shoot (i.e. a rockstar or Big Brother shirt). Add a vest, jacket, sweater, or scarf, chunky jewelry or fun hats to make your outfit more visually interesting.

What to Expect Before the Session:

To set up a session you can call, text, email or even Facebook to set up a time that works best for you.  This is also a great time to ask any questions or bring up any special requests you might have for your session and a great time for us to give any recommendations or ideas.  A day or two before the session you will be sent a confirmation on date, time and location.  This is another good time to discuss any last minute details/questions you might have thought of in the meantime.  We welcome communication at any time and do our best to provide you with the best customer service possible! 

What to Expect After the Session:

After the session we will go through and edit your session. We will use our artistic interpretation to determine the types of edits that we will make. If you have a strong desire (bright and bold colors vs. soft and muted etc) please let us know so that we can try to make that happen for you. 

The editing process typically takes somewhere from 1-3 weeks.   However, if you have a special request that you might need one or two photos for we are always willing to work with you.  Just let us know!

All of the images from your session will be uploaded in full resolution to a web gallery and a link to this gallery will be sent to you at the email address that you provided to us. You are free to share this link with friends and family. This gallery allows you and your loved ones to purchase professional quality prints directly from our lab. It's a great service and their prices are very reasonable. We do not require print orders to go through us but the quality it top notch and we guarantee our product!

But..... My kids are CrAzY!!!

But we kind of L-O-V-E the crazy!! The best advice we have for getting great photos of your kids is....relax! If you are stressed out your kids will be too! Have fun, relax and be yourself. The best photos are the ones where little personalities come shining through. Rather than have them scream "Cheese" at us, we will have them jump, dance or spin! We always find a way to get a smile! Imperfections are perfect! They are part of life and make photos real, so don't worry about the little things!

Bringing a favorite toy or book is a great way to document who they are right now. Not only is it a good prop, it's a great ice breaker as well!

At the end of the day, if it wasn't a little crazy it wouldn't be so much fun! 

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