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Most times when I see clients for a headshot session it's out of obligation.  They might be updating their LinkedIn portfolio or need a new headshot for a speaking engagement, award or just are going through some life changes.  Even though they enter my studio most times out of obligation they leave it having a great time.  The thing is, headshots can effectively showcase your personality and portray the essence of who you are.   I also know a few posing tricks to get the best out of you.  So, why not have a little fun while you're here?!  Plus, we'll review your photos before you leave so you won't go home wondering.  Your headshots can be used not only for business, but also Facebook, websites, marketing, Instagram, dating sites, and more! I've been called one of the best headshot photographers in Minneapolis, come see why! 



(Pst, if you don't see a time that's working great for you give us a call!)




When pursing a modeling or acting career there is a lot more to it than a person might think.  It is no longer having a friend with a kind of nice camera take a semi-good photo of you and submit to a agency.  Instead, some key things to have when  going after this dream is a website, digital portfolio, and album to market yourself.  I have experience with models and actors and over the years I've learned some tricks of the trade.  Now, I've come up with a fantastic package just for you.  I welcome you to come in and let's have a chat!  I'll walk you through the steps we'll take to build this dream.  I built mine, I'm excited to  help you build yours.


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